Most Ragdolls are easy to train. We use positive reinforcement to train our cats. 

There are several training methods based on positive reinforcement. At the Martin Gaus Academy and we have many workshops and lectures about cat behavior.

We totally agree on John Bradshaw on animal behavior. He says: "Most behavior problems are better divided into behaviors that are essentially normal for cats but undesired by owners and behaviors that are actually problems for the cats, i.e. influenced by pathology" (The Behavior of the Domestic Cat, John Bradshaw see literature).  If you need any help, just let us know. We are educated breeders specialized in animal behavior.

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As Ragdolls are indoor cats you have to make sure they get some physical and mental activity to keep them healthy. So you need some cat trees, scratch places and toys. We advice quality furniture designed for large breeds. You can also create a play wall including a hammock, scratching options, hiding places, cozy spots, multi levels and some platforms. You can also easily create these elements yourself. The book Catification (Jackson Galaxy) is full of ideas to make your home cat friendly. Next to some furniture it's important you play with your cats to meet their instinctive needs like hunting.

Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish home for your cat (and you!), Jackson Galaxy
Playtime for cats: activities and games for felines, Helena Dbaly and Stefanie Sigl
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Because Ragdolls are big cats they need a large litterbox. Make sure the litterbox is always clean. Most cats won't go to a dirty bathroom. A clean toilet is also important to prevent medical conditions such as UTI's (Urinairy Trackt Infection's). If you have more cats or live in a big house, you need more litterboxes. It's also relevant to place the litterbox at a private spot. Keep it away from food and toys. Every activity needs it separate area: eating, sleeping, playing and the bathroom. You might need to remove the door of the litterbox as some cats find a door scary or uncomfortable. An open litter box is a good alternative. We use natural litter made of plants and wood. Make sure you have some of the same litter at home when your kitten arrives. A sudden change in litter and make them unsure using the bathroom.



We have already have been brushing your kitten and clipped it's nails. It's important that you continue these routines. You will save yourself a lot of work when you put some energy in grooming when they are still young. It's much more difficult for an adult cat to get used to this. Remember it's important your kitten experiences grooming in a positive way. So be gentle and observe your cat's body language. When he gets stressed or irritated you better pauze and continue at a moment he's relaxed. When you finish grooming reward your cat with a threat or attention. Most Ragdolls will love to be groomed as they are very laid back and love attention. As Ragdolls have a non-matting coat you will only need to brush them a few times a week. You need to clip the nails every few weeks.



Cats are obligate carnivores and require a diet high in protein. Cat food ingredients are listed in decreasing order according to weight. So formulas that are mostly meat will have meat listed at first ingredient. Feeding your cat a formula with identified meat (like chicken or salmon) ensures that your cat is getting its protein from a quality meat source and not an not an unidentifiable mystery meat source. Materials like rice, wheat, barley, corn or any other carbohydrates in large amounts should be alarming. These are cheap ingredients that are there to save money. Next to this you can check the amount of chemicals being used.

It's important to feed your Ragdoll high quality food to keep them healthy. This way you also avoid high vets bills.